Friday, August 22, 2008

My trip to Prince Edward County - part 2

Sorry to leave you hangin' in suspense for so long.

You may recall I finished part 1 with our car stuck in the middle of the intersection. After a few minutes of trying to start the car, we get a knock on our window (and yes we're still in the middle of the intersection). I try to lower my window but soon realize that a car not running equals no power windows. Knocking was Ed, a good Samaritan on his bike, offering to help us push the car out of the intersection. I being the girl was left to steer. Unfortunately, neither my boyfriend or Ed mentioned that I needed to keep the keys in the ignition to be able to steer (again a car not running equals no power steering). So they start pushing the car while it's in neutral and with all my force I try to turn the steering wheel. As you can imagine, the car didn't turn and I hit the sidewalk forcing a few cars to backup and scaring a few pedestrians. They then tell me about the keys in the ignition part ... bit too late, boys!

With the keys in, it was a lot easier to steer. They first had to push the car back into the intersection and then I was able to navigate the car into the Tim Horton's parking lot. Surprisingly, not even one person honked. This town is so friendly!!

Thy guys then open up the hood and stare at car's engine. Ed tells us it's probably the battery and he'll give us a boost. He wasn't too far from home so he got back on his bike and made it back in 10 minutes. Once we got the boost, we were happy campers again. We decided to head to Canadian Tire to see if they could check the car before making the 2 1/2 hours drive back home.

At the garage, we realized a) it's closed and b) the car has now stalled again. It's looking like were stranded in Picton for the night. We gathered out measly belongings (map, umbrella, bottle of wine, granola bar and a small cooler with my goat cheese) and started to walk towards the town. We were lucky enough to find a room at a local motel that overlooked a marina. Obviously it wasn't a 5 star hotel or even a B&B but at this point we were desperate and tired of walking.

This house was close to our motel. HOLY IVY!

Being so close the main street in Picton, we were able to go out for a lovely dinner at Portabella. It felt great to finally sit down and enjoy some great food and a glass of wine. We did find it strange that menu had no local wines or even anything from Ontario.

Part 3 will be coming up shortly. I promise :)

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Adam Rich said...

Maybe you did not receive it, or missed it in the wine menu, but portabella has a separate list of 12 local wines and five by the glass. Sorry to hear that, but very glad to hear you enjoyed your evening at portabella.


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