Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Book review - Subversive Seamster

Today, I'm reviewing the book: "Subversive Seamster: Transform Thrift Store Threads into Street Couture" .

I really enjoyed the concept of this book. Imagine being able to take an old bridesmaid dress and turning it into a modern top. However, the instructions leading to your new fabulous top are really oversimplified which I'm sure will leave some readers ruining some good thrift store finds. One of their projects was turning a pair of "old man pants" into a bustier. Eeewww!!!

They did have some good recycling ideas like using suspenders as elastic and using leather remnants to make earrings but my final verdict is still SKIP IT.

Next week, I'll actually be reviewing a book I like :)

I'll also be posting my part II of my adventures in Prince Edward County.

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senacia said...

Okay, so the thing I really liked about this book is Ms. Trouble. I also liked the idea behind the tank with the buttons on the lining of the bust part.. I dont think I would place the buttons where they had them, but yeah.. it's an alright idea. Although this book is okay to me, I DID get ideas of my own from flipping through it..

:D That's the same with the Generation T book. I liked a few of the designs, but you are right with it actually being pretty simple and the safety pins bits were kinda funny. :)

I loved the patchwork quilt (which I already had the idea before picking up the book.. but I didnt think about it with numbers..) and the diamonds in the rough skirt. THAT looks COMFY.

Anyhow, I liked both books, but they really do suit a college student who doesn't sew much.


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