Saturday, August 9, 2008

I sooo need one of these

Found via Moderncat

Every cat owner knows what I'm talking 'bout: you wake up early in the morning, still half asleep and there it is - the disgusting furball. Too bad you didn't notice it before you stepped in it. If you happen to be wearing socks consider yourself lucky!

Designed by Ellen Gibbs, I checked her website and unfortunately the sign is no longer available. Bummer ! (put socks back on)

I'm off to the cottage for the weekend so here's some weekend reading c/o my mom and Gaby.

♥ Some of the funniest cakes I've ever seen on Cake Wrecks

♥ Get inspired to sew dresses on A Dress a Day

♥ Another one for my craft-to-do list

♥ Find out how to make a watermelon keg here


Christopher And Tia said...

I threw my cat outside the other day (shes an indoor cat) because she started hacking. No thank you. But then she was so traumatized from being outside, that she started howling to be let back in. I think I startled the vomit into settling in her stomach. Phew, close call.

Cherry Lane Jane said...

I love those link you posted!

Luckily for me I don't have cat vomit...juts kid vomit all over the front of me at 3am.

have fun at the cabin

Kristina said...

A couple of months ago, after getting ready for work, I sat on the couch... right in a pile of cat puke. GROSS! I had to change and was late for work.s


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