Friday, August 8, 2008

My trip to Prince Edward County - part 1

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to visit Prince Edward County for the day. The county is located about 2h30 drive from Ottawa. Our plan was to arrive in Picton around 2pm, sample a few wines from the local wineries, have a quick supper at one of the restaurants and then head back home.

Waupoos Winery, overlooking Lake Ontario

The day started out as planned. We sampled a few wines from the Black Prince Winery and then drove to the Waupoos Winery - my boyfriend's favorite. As we were leaving the Waupoos Winery, we got caught in a huge downpour.

After getting soaked, we headed east to the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. to taste some locally made goat cheese. We got a chance to sample many types of yummy goat cheese but by the end I was "goat cheesed out" and in the car I was convinced that I smelled like goat.

Now it was time to visit the Huff Winery and grab a quick bite. We contemplated taking the back roads to get there but then figured it would be just as quick to pass through Picton. As we were passing through Picton's one and only intersection (conveniently located at Tim Horton's) our car DIED. The car was so dead that even the four way flashers weren't working and we were left looking like idiots in the middle of the intersection.

To be continued...

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