Thursday, July 31, 2008

Damn you Meow Mix song !!!

I've had this song in my head for days now. I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a song.

I'm starting the weekend early so here were my favorite links of the week:

♥ Another diy tutorial for my crafts-to-d0 list. So far I only have 1 embroidery hoop so I'll need to collect a few more before I start the project.

♥ One of my favorite Flickr groups is Wardrobe Remix. It's so interesting looking at people's style all over the world.

♥ I just entered a contest on Casey's musings. Let her know your favorite blog and you'll get a chance to win a vintage goodie bag.

♥ Be sure to check out Rare Birds Finds tomorrow, we'll be showcasing some great finds for under $10.

1 comment:

senacia said...

of course, now I have it in my head. :) I had to show my daughter this as we dont have cable and we've just added two kittens (one orange, one black) and it's mom (calico) to our household and anything with an orange cat she's attracted to. :) meow meow meow meow.. is this commercial STILL on tv?! I remember it as a kid!


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