Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow Cookin'

I rarely buy myself cookbooks. I tend to find them at thrift shops, get them as gifts or "borrow" them from my mom. When I was doing some Christmas shopping back in December, I noticed this eye catching slow cooker cookbook at Chapters.

After trying a few recipes, I have to say it's my new favorite. Since buying the cookbook, we've implemented Crock Pot Sundays where we each take turns choosing Sunday's night dinner. I usually go for the unconventional recipes, were as my significant other usually chooses a hearty traditional stew. So far my favorite recipes have been Chicken with lemon, garlic and fennel, Pork Stew with fennel and squash and Boeuf Bourguignon.

Do you have a favorite slow cooker recipe?

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Bethany Dirksen said...

I freaked out for a second because there was a bookstore called "chapters" where I went to school (a very small town) and I thought you went there!'s a different place, but thanks for the memories of days past!


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