Monday, January 21, 2008

My first collage

So last night, I decided to embark in the collage world. I gathered all potential material; old craft books, fabric swatches, buttons, glue stick, watercolors and paper. I was ready.

I started dabbling in my paint, testing it on various types of paper. Next, I cut a few pictures I liked. I was now ready to "colle" after 20 minutes of testing the waters. I mean how hard can it be - just glue stuff together...right!

WRONG! my glue was chunky, my paper was curling and my patience was running low. This is not how I had envisioned collaging. It was much more relaxing in my thoughts.

Now it's hard to pinpoint exactly what I don't like about it. I just don't like it.

The only thing I like about it is my title "making a dress" which was the name of the chapter so I have more of those. Phew!

This little adventure reminds me of the first time I sewed. I was following instructions for "skirt" pattern and when it came time for the fitting I realised I had made myself a pair of shorts. LOL.

I think I need to go shop for some inspirational supplies on Etsy. So far I've found some great vintage maps, old bingo cards, ledger scribblings and some Amy Butler paper.

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