Saturday, September 19, 2009

Etsy's gift guide

Guess who's in Etsy's Gift Guide this week?

Yup, it's me. One of my newest tops from my fall collection made it into Etsy's Sapphire Gift Guide. Although, now I'm wondering why I called that top "Truffle"! It doesn't even remotely look like a truffle. If someone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears.

I also want to say a big Thank You to Necole from the CreativeMixx and TipandFiFI for featuring me their blogs.

1 comment:

mchen said...

WOOHOO!! That's terrific — congrats! I hope it brings you some extra traffic.

You'd asked me to fill you in on the Capital Clothing Sale... well, I had a mediocre time as a vendor, myself. But I think you would do much better than me. Foot traffic was generally low, and that hurt everyone. But I still think your stuff would make it worthwhile for you to try at least once or twice :) Try it out in the spring, and let me know if you'll be there!


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