Friday, October 10, 2008

A post about my mom

Since moving away to college 10 years ago, I've been receiving care packages from my mom. In the early years, it was filled with essential student items like boxes of Kraft dinner, Q-tips and dryer sheets. The college days are over but the boxes keep comin'. However, they've evolved into a more sophisticated care package filled with either craft supplies or thrift store finds. Sometimes, there's even a combination of both. Yay! Even though, I can afford all of these items - it's still a treat receiving a package in the mail.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I would be making capes and pendants with x-large buttons. Guess what I got in my last box...

I should also mention that my mom has a knack for finding designers labels within the thrift store "junk". This has inspired me to start a weekly post featuring my mom's thrift store finds. It will consist of clothing, kitchen and decorating items. I'm sure a few post will have you saying AS IF !!
Stay tuned...

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