Sunday, September 21, 2008

My first wool cape

Eek! I haven't blogged at all this week. At least I have a good excuse - I've been hard at work working on a fall eco-friendly cape. The outer shell is made of a shaggy wool fabric and the lining is a funky vintage striped cotton with great shades of orange, brown and beige. The buttons are from my mom's extensive vintage button collection (thanks Mom!).

I'll only be listing the cape tomorrow evening but here are a few preview pics:


senacia said...

OMG, I LOVE this. argh. I want it. The orange is PERFECT for me as everyone seems to buy me orange after I mentioned eight years ago it was my favourite colour.

Wonderful work! How do you sell your stuff though? I have a hard time letting go, I guess.. (hence the fact that my shop STILL isnt opened! ack!)

tangente said...

I guess I'm the opposite - I have a hard time keeping things I've sewed. Weird, eh!

TaMs* said...

I love the orange buttons. Perfect color for fall.

Kim said...

It's me, your sewing student. I am not oing to be able to have lessons this semester :( but I will have a car and less classes next term so I can start lessons again :)

tangente said...

No problem Kim :)
You can email me at Have a great semester!

BeckyKay said...

This is beautiful!! Great design!


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