Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fabric Swap

One evening in the Etsy forums, I saw a thread with the title "Hey Fabric junkies, I have an idea...". I couldn't resist. BeckyKay was trying to organize a fabric swap. Of course, I would be interested. I'd been avoiding fabric stores for months in an attempt to minimize the clutter in my sewing room. So at the mention of a swap, I knew this was a quick way to get a fix. I would keep a few yards of her fabric but in return I had to replace the amount with my own and ship it to Audrey, the next person on the list. So technically, I would still have the same "amount" of fabric. Clever!

Here are just a few of BeckyKay's fabric:

What to pick? I'll have to procrastinate at least another night until I make my final decision. I've already gathered my fabric to be swapped, just need to cut it.


Shannon said...

What beautiful fabrics. A fabric swap sounds like fun. :)

New England Quilter said...

I need to stay away from the fabric stores too! I am a fabric junkie as well :)


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