Monday, October 25, 2010

Poor Oscar... again

It's been a whirlwind of chaos this past month. The most stressful has to be Oscar's predicament. One morning he had trouble walking, we thought maybe it was like last time when he had a sore paw for a day. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. Oscar had a ruptured disc in his back. His condition worsen over the course of a few days. In 48 hours, he went from having a limp to having his lower half paralysed. So the very next morning, Oscar went for emergency surgery to repair the disc and release some of the pressure on the spine that was causing the paralysis. Only a few hours later, I received news that the surgery went well and recovery was almost guaranteed. Now only a week and a half later, Oscar can walk and wag his tail like nothing ever happened. The biggest challenge now is to keep him quiet during the healing process.


Pat said...

Get well soon, Oscar !

Kristina said...

Aww, poor pup! Our animals cause the most stress when they're not well... they are such part of our families!


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