Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dried flowers

After my boyfriend reminded me that today was our 4th year anniversary living in our house, my first thought was it took us 4 years to hang stuff on the walls.

To celebrate the occasion, I decided to re-frame an old dried flower arrangement my mom made me about 8 years ago. It's previous frame was ugly and it was banished to the basement. Now I think it's pretty cute and deserves to be on the main floor. One wall down, 6 more to go.


Ann Flower said...

Wow...these dried flowers look awesome. Your blog is an inspiration for me. Keep on posting :)

mchen said...

I'm not usually a dried-flower type of girl... but this is gorgeous! At first glance, I thought it was a framed illustration or painting... I'm glad you also posted a close-up so we can see the 3d and actual flowers. Beautiful!

bilbiochic said...

i'm not a dried flower girl either, but these are so darling. very sweet and vintage looking!! so beautiful! what a great idea. thanks for sharing!

Kay | Digital Room said...

Every Valentines Day, my guy friends see to it that all the girls in our circle of friends will receive a rose from each of them, and whenever I received one I always place it in the pages of my old book and keep it dry :)So when I reach college a have a lot of them, so I put them in a scrap book, I never thought of framing it! But I think yours is the best idea! Thank you for sharing it!


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