Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas tree '09

Here are a few pics of my Christmas tree and the decorated mantle:

Mercury glass ornament

Mercury glass ornament

CanArtisan is having a fantastic contest. You have the chance of winning a $25 gift card from Chapters by sharing you favorite holiday memory, photos or tradition. Just be sure to enter before the 19th of Dec., see blog for more details.


Enthral said...

Your tree looks wonderful. I love the snowman ornament. :)

UxCritter said...

What a beautiful tree! The mantle place looks so inviting too. Thank you for sharing such wonderful Christmas photos!

Anonymous said...

The poll is up! Tell everyone you know to come and vote :)

BoutiqueKarma said...

beautiful - you should see my decrepit tree.

Merry Christmas

UxCritter said...

Merry Christmas to you tangente! I posted a comment earlier but it must have got lost. I had said, that Your tree is very beautiful! You did a magnificient job of decorating it and the mantle is very warm and welcoming.


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