Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vintage scarves into new tops

I got bored of making last year style of scarf halter top. So this week, I decided to try something new for the spring. My all time favorite thing to wear in the summer is a tank top. So why not create a tank top using my huge stack of vintage scarves. Sounds easy, right..?

Well it is and isn't. The easy part was making patterns for each size (xs, s,m and l). Then I make my own bias biding using cotton fabric which will be used for the straps. The most time consuming part is trying to find suitable "fronts" and "backs" for each tank in similar sizes and colors. I could spend hours going through my huge bin filled with scarves. Even though I have hundreds of scarves not that many match together.

Here's two that I already have listed in my shop. I'm already working a few new ones and a special one the Transcanada team shop.

Available here

Available here


Scarves said...

If you don't tell, no one knows that the top is made from scarves. Amazing idea! Both are lovely!

Amy Esther said...

A great idea and these are so pretty! I want one!


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