Sunday, May 18, 2008

Featured on fashion blog

On Saturday, I was featured on the blog Fashion, evolved. I had never heard of this blog but it's really great. I'm so glad that the writer contacted me since now I have a new daily blog to read.

They featured the following scarf top:


kate smudges said...

Your scarf top is gorgeous... I will have to check out the Fashion, Evolved blog.

I just joined the Etsy Gardening 101 Flickr group and wasn't sure if you were still looking to start up a garden blog. I hope you do - there aren't all that many Canadian gardening blogs. There is one in Ottawa at

I lived in Ottawa until 2001 when I moved back here ... that's where I really learned how to garden.

The Q said...

Hey thanks for mentioning Fashion, Evolved!

Your top is gorgeous, as are your other pieces. You have amazing talent--keep it up! I'll keep you in my Etsy favorites and feature you again, I'm sure!


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